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Guiding Infection Control in Dentistry

Infection control practice in dental offices is essential to ensuring the public’s safety and retaining its confidence. To help reduce the risk of transmitting infectious diseases in dental environments, CDC published an updated Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings, which can be found at CDC recommendations guide infection control practices in dental offices nationally and globally and provide direction for the public, policy makers, and dental practitioners. These recommendations also affect technology development in the dental industry. In addition, CDC investigates disease transmission in dental offices and identifies emerging problems, such as implications of 2009 H1N1 influenza for clinicians.

Oral Cancer

Each year, more than 35,000 new cases of cancer of the mouth and throat (oral cavity and pharynx) are diagnosed, and more than 7,600 deaths occur. The 5-year survival rate for these cancers is only about 50%. Detection of cancer lesions in the early stages increases the survival rate for people with these cancers. CDC is exploring ways to improve data collection on oral cancers and their risk factors and is examining methods for identifying lesions or people with oral cancer at an earlier stage.

Dentist North Phoenix

Dentist North Phoenix

Emergency Dentistry

Almost nothing is tougher to endure than sudden, terrible tooth pain. It can happen naturally and without warning. You wake up at night to a mysterious throbbing in your jaw. An infection has probably been quietly and patiently working its way through the enamel to the nerve center of a tooth. Then — wham! — the nerve is attacked and you’re in screaming pain.
Other dental emergencies have more dramatic causes, such as getting an elbow in the face during a friendly game of touch football, a pick-up game of hockey or basketball. You fall off a bike. You have a minor car accident. You crack a tooth or get one knocked out. You need help fast!
Choose a North Phoenix dentist for emergency dental care.
It often seems like the worse dental pain strikes at the most inopportune time, such as on a Sunday or holiday. Even your regular North Phoenix dentist may not be available, or willing, to get you in right away to fix your problem and relieve your pain.
The trouble is, very few people think about the need for a dentist in an emergency situation in the same way they think about having on hand the emergency number of a doctor, or even the police and fire department.
But the truly wise will have a plan in place for dental emergencies. They may be rare, but when you are in that position to need super fast relief from dental pain, you’ll want a resource you can count on to get taken care of in a hurry.
So have a discussion with your regular dentist about his or her emergency appointment policy. Another good idea is to check your local Yellow Pages for those dentists who specialize in emergency dental care. Today, more than ever, dentists are interested in handling emergency care situations.
The reason for that is that competition among dentists has never been higher. With increasing numbers of dentists looking to build their practice, they see emergency procedures not just as a source of income, but as a way to capture a new, long-term client.
The other reason some dentists specialize in emergency care is profit. Emergency needs tend to come with premium prices, for obvious reasons. When you need fast relief from serious tooth pain, you are far less likely to quibble about price. You just want to be free of pain, and let the bills and financial obligation be handled in calmer times.
At any rate, post the number of an emergency dental service in a prominent place in your home, the same way you display other important numbers for doctors, police and emergecy rescue.
Unfortunately, most dental insurance care plans don’t cover emergency situations, unless you are willing to pay more to have that added to your policy. If you think you might want or need emergency dental care, make sure you speak with your insurance agent to cover yourself for this contingency.
The other thing to remember about emergency dental care is that it sometimes is not about just fast pain relief. In many tooth trauma situations, getting things fixed fast can prevent further long-term damage to a tooth or teeth. So have a plan for emergency dental care. You’ll be glad you did on that rare painful occasion when you might need it very, very urgently.

ADA members campaign for Congress

Washington—Three Association member dentists are running for Congress with ADPAC support.

ADA Foundation reminds dentists of Emergency Disaster Assistance Grants Program

In light of the weekend tornados in the Midwest, the ADA Foundation  is reminding the dental community that its Emergency Disaster Assistance Grants Program may provide a small measure of immediate financial assistance to eligible dentists who are victims of a disaster.

AAE introduces root canal safety Web page

The American Association of Endodontists launched a new Web page that provides information about root canal safety and that debunks myths.